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Welcome to Texas Rock'n Rum Cake Company!

Christmas is almost here!

Order by Tuesday, Dec. 20th so you Gourmet Rum Cakes will arrive by Christmas Eve!

Orders placed by Wednesday, Dec. 21th will ship via Fedex 2-day to ensure delivery by Christmas Eve.

Our baking team will be baking through Thursday, Dec. 22nd, so place your orders today!


We love baking for you and your friends 'n family!


Our cakes are baked fresh daily.  Delicious and rummy.

Don't wait to try our new and delicious RUM CHATA Cake!!!   It's sooooo good!!!

We're hoping 2016 is our best and biggest year.  Help us make it so.  :)

Blessings and Happiness for the Holidays ... from our Family to Yours!


So, please visit our website, check-out the new flavors and traditional Holiday favorites and place your order today!

Texas Rock'n Rum Cakes!

Our Story...

TX Rockn Rum Cake  is a 4th generation family rum cake recipe that's over 100 years old!!  We started baking our classic rum cake over 33 years ago with our Aunt Mary.  It soon become a family tradition that when Aunt Mary would come visit during the holidays, we would do all of our holiday baking.  Our family, friends and neighbors would get very excited when they knew we were in the kitchen ... because good things and wonderful smells were sure to follow.

Although we no longer have our dear Aunt Mary to help us out in our TxRocknRumCake Kitchen, we know she'll continue to watch over all of the Family from her new place in Heaven.

So we'll continue the tradition our Aunt Mary inspired and we now include our daughters, granddaughters and even our grandson's in the holiday baking..  Making the kitchen a little more crowded ... but OH so much sweeter!

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